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About the Cpt.BlackBill App

Hi! Cpt.BlackBill is a EOS-project based in Norway and we want to be more present to the greater EOS community. Is it ok for us to create a category for our project here?
[https://youtu.be/FRBAt8MP7l8](https://Monthly News Video No.1 - May 2021)


Hello, I don’t know if there is any official website or a more detailed introduction?

Hello - we are in prototyping and testing. An MVP is available at cptblackbill.com and the EOS-contract address is cptblackbill. I will give more information about the project and our progress very soon. Thanks.

YouTube: Cpt.BlackBill’s Weekly Challenge No.7

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A good DAPP
this issue may need to contact @aaron

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Last week we went to western Norway to conquer checkpoints and place new checkpoints in the hunt for Cpt.BlackBill’s Lost Diamond :slight_smile: Are the any outdoor enthusiast in the EOS Community? We need help placing great outdoor challenges all over the world.

Yes - we found The Lost Diamond! Players will get the location of the Lost Diamond for every ten checkpoint they conquer. This was an important test, to see that every transactions went well before other users start hunting the diamond. We will do some improvements and then run another test in a few weeks. Please follow us on Twitter @Cpt.BlackBill or Captain Black Bill on YouTube if you find our EOS project interesting :slight_smile: