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A unique name for each group and a name for this initial group

All EdenOS groups, including this first one, should have a unique name. The fine point I think is important to emphasize here is that the Eden community is more than just this group. There can and will be multiple groups (like this one) that emerge out of the EOS community due to either language barriers or the 10k size limit on each group.

Being able to identify each of them is important. This first group is an opportunity to set a precedent for that uniqueness so we don’t end up with a bunch of generic groups called “Eden”, “Eden2”, “EdenChina”, “EdenChina2”, etc etc.

The reason this is important is to avoid confusion as well as for usability in future interfaces. Interfaces built upon these systems probably make groups searchable/filterable/etc. To find this group, if the name was just “Eden”, would probably bring up many, many others.

I’d advocate for this group (a group running EdenOS) to have a unique name to ensure it is distinguished. Each new group should have a distinct name as well. We know these groups are running against the EdenOS ruleset, as they all will, so we should even preferrably leave “Eden” out of the name of each individual group all together. If this group was called “Genesis Group” (not proposing), it would be:

“Genesis Group, an EdenOS Community”

The word “Eden” through “EdenOS” can be worked in as a descriptor of the group.

So first things first - do we agree that this group needs a unique name?


Unique names would be great. Next questions are:

  1. How would unique names be enforced / reserved?
  2. What if names go unused for a time period? Can they be reclaimed/reassigned?
  3. Length of group names / support for i18n?

I suspect that “Eden1” and “Eden2” are sort of inevitable.

But perhaps there is an overall structure to communicate the “location” of your group. For example, we are using the system of EdenOS, in the world of Eden, in the community of Genesis, and the group inside the Genesis community discussing Naming Conventions.




Thanks for bringing this up Aaron, I think this is a very forward-thinking proposition, and I agree that a unique name scheme should be employed to avoid troubles of ambiguity down the road. Names are great and speak to identity and community cohesion. One thing I love about the process we are pursuing is that it allows us to achieve group unity while simultaneously preserve the capacity for individual group identity and concerns, even those that might be regional in nature.

The question that comes to my mind is, what’s the most appropriate nomenclature around these “groups”, and the “whole” that they comprise, considering we are building a democracy of democracies in a “federation” or “association” of sorts for a global EOS community. In American union terms, you have a “local”, ie. local branch of a larger union organization. One of my favorites is a “league”, of nations, or guilds. Like the Hanseatic League, from whose history I think we could learn a lot. The Rotary Club has “clubs” at the local level and the “Rotary International” at the global scale. Then we have “chapters”, “factions”, “guilds”… and so on.

I agree that there should be unique names, but perhaps the overall structure should inform the naming conventions. I think the closest approximation to what we are building in traditional terms is a “league”. The term alliance fits well also, but is perhaps a bit loose?

Sorry if I’m blowing your question up into giant syntactical proportions!

The Eden Alliance - (Genesis) Faction

The Eden League - (Genesis) Chapter

The Eden Federation - (Genesis) Guild

Just riffing here…

Yes to unique names, and yes to deciding on organizational nomenclature.


Aaron, you mention not officially proposing “Genesis Group”
I also propose the first group be called something with Genesis in it “Genesis Group” “Genesis of Eden” or something of the like.

I enjoy the feedback Benobi and Lovejoy offer in this thread, much to think about.


As long as we don’t end up with a lot of Phil Collins references… because, I’ve been waiting for this moment, for all my life. :roll_eyes:

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