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A merger of dynamics. Please challenge my thinking

Herein lie a bunch of caffeinated thoughts. Do with them as you please.

Capitalism needs socialism so it doesn’t turn into fascism.
Socialism needs capitalism so it doesn’t turn into communism.

An even better way of framing this is to eradicate the labels, as these have become too entangled in history and no longer allow for sufficient conceptual wiggle room. Debating from these terms leads to further debates that go nowhere. Instead of using the terms, we point more precisely to the inherent systemic logic we wish to build from.

Capitalism → market dynamics/competitive element that protects the overall state from staleness, incentivizing growth. Awards productive behaviour with emphasis on bettering one’s life through hard work. The American Dream.
Socialism → humanist/community layered group dynamic. Social platform* that game theoretically engages otherwise anonymous companies/organizations with others… Discouraging tribalism.

*Social platform could be Eden?

The coupling of the market and group dynamics enforces social responsibility to an otherwise individualistic notion. All is but a transaction. The system must reward win-win outcomes more so than not.

Reward token(s): money. of which the release mechanism isn’t solely tied to selfish achievements, but instead must be correlated with communal betterment.
Communication platform(s): The open sharing of knowledge and exchange of ideas. Fostering a collaborative element to an otherwise competitive world.

Reinforcing dynamics:
Market dynamics must be fiscally tied to the continuous improvement of communicative channels. This in direct opposition to media being controlled by tyrants… many problems in this world are simply due to a lack of transparency, which in turn breeds a lack of accountability. The information must be unhindered and free. Cypherpunk ethos lives on.

Incentive underpinnings/Overall emphasis on awarding altruism. Any system that doesn’t… inherently breeds narcissism. We must understand the gamification of society and its ramifications.

I should make a cup of coffee now.

Best wishes, memelord.

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Nail on the head with words “many problems in this world are simply due to a lack of transparency, which in turn breeds a lack of accountability”,

Not saying all need be wide open but almost so.

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I know my thoughts aren’t necessarily forming a cohesive whole, but rather some abstract meme soup… I’m glad you took the time to read and decipher this :slight_smile:

The question I keep coming back to is whether or not the foundational layer of a society ought to be fully transparent or fully anonymous? From what should we build? Eden is the fully transparent foundation from which we’d have to add additional layers in order to achieve pseudo/anonymity…

Anonymity can be corroded by data leaks and protecting one’s secret identity/credentials becomes an endless cat & mouse game. Transparency can be muddied bit by bit (in a sneaky way) to the degree of being basically anonymous… security by obscurity.

The current approach of Eden puts a restraint on who can participate. Big holders will be put off by having to reveal their identity… The entire premise of proof of stake is that people with a larger stake will be less likely to game the system, yet here we are actively dissuading large stakeholders from participating in Eden.

How could we ever allow anonymous Eden membership? We don’t trust anonymous people? Then why are people even here? They put their trust in Satoshi.

People having to put forth proof of identity with reference to country/state-issued passports is relying on the same system we are trying to disrupt. Eden is quite obviously a potential attack vector, as it becomes a centralized point.

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You raise strong points in support of ability as Eden member to keep their identity anonymous.

Definitely worth keep in mind although small, if even any, likelihood current Eden On EOS would change its rules in such way. I base this on responses seen and heard on the topic, responses which added the way forward to make it happen might be to set up new Eden community with rules to suit