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A greeting to All EOS Members from eMOON community

Dear EOS members:

Greetings! I am eMOON community volunteer. It is my pleasure to join EOS Community Forum. I would like to express my Hello to all EOS members. Nice to meeting you all.

eMOON is Only For EOS to the Moon
An experiment of total decentralization

What is eMOON protocol?
eMOON is EOS To The Moon!
eMOON protocol is developed by eMOON community volunteers, emoon is a token issued by eMOON protocol.

The backstory of eMOON protocol: *MOON community volunteers noticed that the price of EOS has been underestimated despite of its high performance. By eMOON protocol, they hope to unite EOS community members and make EOS great again!

In our whitepaper, we also “Salute to EOS Holders and Eden Community”

“The EdenOS Project is dedicated to the EOS chain, exerting the strength and independence from each member to play a bigger role and for development of EOS. Our goal is the same: contribute to the EOS ecosystem together with the EdenOS community. At the same time, we will airdrop emoon to Top 10,000 accounts that held most EOS tokens.”

If you are interested in our project, please check our official website:

Twitter: @eMoon_Community
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @eMoonCommunity
中文Weibo: eMOON柚子登月
中文微信Wechat: EOSMOON888

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