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16BIT fair lottery on the EOS blockchain

Instant lottery based on EOS blockchain - with control of lottery fairness

16bit.game is an online lotto game where all players’ bets are recorded in a blockchain and anyone can check both bets and draw results. Winnings are instantly credited and paid to the EOS wallet. The smart contract code underlying the game is open for review and verification. The game is available in four languages: English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. You can either bet on a number from 1 to 15, which allows you to win 15 times your bet, or you can bet on a row of numbers. There are three rows in total, and a guessed row triples the bet. There is an option to bet on a column, which gives five times the winnings. And the lucky cells, marked with different colors, further increase the amount of winnings.

Playing bingo is interesting only if you can easily control the honesty of the game organizer. That is why 16bit.game relies on the distributed ledger technology to control fairness. The game is based on the original RNG (random number generator), the results of which are influenced by entropy. It is created by bets of new players, which makes the fallout of new numbers completely unpredictable. There is no need to download anything - the game starts immediately after synchronization with EOS blockchain, which takes seconds.

Those who have already dealt with EOS cryptocurrency know that you can’t just create a wallet or send a transaction. These tasks require computing power, which is rented from other network participants. The 16bit.game project either accepts payments from your EOS wallet or creates it for free in the app. There is an option of renting computing power in the application. Active participation in the game is rewarded with bonuses in the form of EOS processing power. If you do not have EOS Wallet you can fund your account with any other cryptocurrency, bank card or Neteller.

EOS blockchain was chosen for its speed and security. Unlike many other gambling games, no personal data of players is stored on the server. There is an opportunity to test your luck in demo mode. Smart contract works exactly the same way as in the game for real money. There is an affiliate program that allows you to earn money by attracting new players. The commission of 15% of their transactions will be your passive income. Affiliate program 16bit.game also based on the blockchain, which guarantees the honesty and timeliness of payments. The program has several levels of participation - up to opening 16bit.game as a franchise.

Open source: 16Bit Game / Open Hub / Blockchain / Smart Contracts · GitLab

telegram chat: @chat_16bitgame